sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010


NURIA DE LUNA: 649 08 62 80 nuriadeluna22@hotmail.com
MAXIMO ESTEBAN: 609 28 72 18 maximoesteban@gmail.com
Spanish version: http://lasaventurasdelili.blogspot.com/

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010


Blonde, glamurose and with very much style Lili she is a seemingly perfect girl. As she starts giving her first steps along the scene it begins the catastrophe. Whenever she tries to solve some conflict in which immersed this one finishes in a new intricacy.
Lili's adventures it is constructed in different comical skechs where one shows limit to our heroine in situations. A minimalist scenery, besides a wardrobe, lighting and sonorous very elegant band they support an elaborated and enterteining succession of gags and hilarious situations.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010


Everything began when one of my better friends said to me one day: " … you have soul of gossip girl in model's body ". I took it to evil and he answered me: " ... but silly, it is better to have soul of gossip girl in model's body, that model's soul in body of gossip girl" … and this way it began everything.
I thought why not to extract benefit? . Always has bothered enormously the myth of the beautiful woman. What you think, that the models haven’t popo, do not belch and do not get up with circles? .I am not a model but more of once I have been judged as such and clear, image the surprise…With Lili … I try to demythologize the beautiful woman. She does everything unimaginable contrasting with her delicate and feminine aspect.
This way rise the sketch the toalet, due to the great success of this one, I think in continuing creating more sketchs, and it was at the time when rise the need to associate with someone in order that the project was growing. That person could be a very special someone, that not only to inspire love of Lili, he also understood perfectly the project, and was there where Maximo appeared, partner actor, with whom already had worked previously, even director and excellent photographer. And in this way, He was who introduce the audivisual part in the piece.
Nuria de Luna

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010



Minimum space requirements:
Hight: 2 metros
Wide: 3 metros
Depth: 3 metros

Lighting requirements:
- From 8 to 10 PCs or cuts.
- 1 Audio entry with exit minijack (a channel estéreo).
- Filters: 4-R65. 4 - corrector 101. 2 - violet (ht-119).
- 1 Stereoscopic light

Sound system, video projector, other equipment required:
1 video projector
1 folding screen:
. hight : 1 metro
. wide: 1,80 metros
1 folding screen:
. hight : 1,80 metros
. wide: 0,90 metros
(the folding screen are fundamentally for the piece)
Time required for tech rehearsal: 90 min
Time required to prepare the stage: 90 min
Time required to clear the stage: 15 min
We need some water like special effect